[Troop114] no scout meeting tonight

Troop 114 troop114 at troop114sc.org
Mon May 30 07:06:13 CDT 2016

Just as a heads up to the parents, we had a brain storming session  
tonight where all of the scouts could have input on what they would  
like to do over the next year or so. Lots of great ideas were brought  
up from a thru hike of the AT, the John Muir trail to going to the  
Grand Canyon (even a hike of the entire length of the Colorado River  
at 4000 miles was brought up... we may want to scale that down just a  
little, and I think they just meant the length of the canyon) to  
Alaska, Mexico and Peru. Lots of theme parks (Disneyworld, Busch  
Gardens, Carowinds, Lego Land, water parks, Gatlinberg) were  
mentioned. One of the national High adventure bases, Philmont, out of  
4 was mentioned. We even had some generic activities brought up;  
canoeing, hiking, biking, scuba diving, fishing, fly fishing.

These ideas and any other ones that the scouts have will be discussed  
at the next PLC meeting where we will work on the annual plan for the  
troop and start working on how to make small steps to get some of  
these done. We won't be able to do all of this but the PLC will come  
up with a feasible plan of what they can do, and how they are going to  
raise money to pay for it. This plan will be given to the Troop  
Committee for review and approval for what they think can be  
realistically done and if we can find enough resources (equipment and  
adult leaders/volunteers) to support it.

We will start with generic activities that are more local to learn the  
basic skills and see where we can go from there. 

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